Chamberlain CIGBU MYQ Internet Gateway Review

We all need that one system for our garage that not only updates us at the right time but also makes life easy. This is what this Chamberlain CIGBU MYQ Review explores. You can now be anywhere you want, and there will be an alert to let you know there’s someone at the door.

What’s better, than receiving an alert in case you leave the garage gate open, or even worse if you forget to turn off the garage lights or want to turn them on before you get home.

The Chamberlain CIGBU Internet Gateway connects to your router, and you can use all the controls on your smartphone via the app and monitor any movement in and around the house.

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  • Compatible with MyQ door openers for garages
  • Synchronises with lamp controls
  • Takes only a few mixtures to install.
  • Uses Ethernet connection.
  • No extra fee for the app.
  • No systems required
  • No monthly service charges
  • Comes with MyQ Internet Gateway


You can now monitor the Garage Door Opener from anywhere around the world. You do not need to keep a vigilant eye just by being in the same city. Just use your smartphone and MyQ Gateway makes everything possible for you.

There are automated alerts to update you about any movement in the garage door. You do not have to be notified all the time or every single time it opens. Instead, you can easily customize these alerts according to your needs.

This is one model that gives you immense control over the lighting around your home and the garage by using Chamberlain MyQ Internet Gateway. You can operate this from anywhere using the light controls. Isn’t that convenient? This also means you are never coming home to a dark garage or house.

The installation for this one takes minutes, and you can connect your internet router within seconds. The rest is simple. Use the MyQ technology to use the rest of the functions and connect with your home system from anywhere.

Unlike many other apps, this one comes for free, and you do not have to pay any service charges with this one. This is entirely compatible with Chamberlain MyQ garage door openers which make the job a whole lot easy for you.

SpecificationsChamberlain CIGBU MYQ Internet Gateway Review

  • Additional Accessories: Power cord, Ethernet cable
  • Network: Ethernet
  • Operating System: Apple/Android
  • Remote Monitoring: Available
  • Use: Indoor


  • Light Control: You do not have to come home to a dark garage. The MyQ Internet gives you complete access to the light controls in your garage and even outside. If you have pets or kids, this comes in quite handy. Even better, you save electricity as you can operate the lighting even when you are miles away.
  • Convenient: You can now monitor your house with excellent technology that also comes with immense clarity. There are no tall claims given by this brand, and they know exactly what you want in your garage door opener.
  • Reasonable: You cannot say this is expensive, considering the number of features and comforts it comes with. Quite reasonably priced in comparison to other models with similar benefits.
  • Durable: You will not have to replace this anytime soon. The opener is known or its strong built.


  • Some consumers have faced post-purchase servicing issues. You can always connect with the helpline, and they assist you.

There are many models offering the same benefits by other brands, but this one stands out for the perfection it gives. When you don’t know what you are looking for in a garage door opener, always vouch for names that have stood the test of time in the market. This is one of those. Find out which is the best with Chamberlain MyQ Internet Gateway Reviews.

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