Chamberlain CIGCWC Smartphone Connectivity Kit Review

Most of the times, the biggest threat to our home security arises when we unintentionally leave the door on any entry passage to the house unlocked. This is a cake walk for burglars and thieves as they strive on people who have a habit of forgetting to lock the entry and exit passages of their homes.

The garage door is that entry passage that is left unlocked most of the times as people take their cars out and drive away in hurry completely forgetting about the garage door which is left behind unlocked. If you have just returned home, parked your car in your garage and forgot to lock the garage door, your security is even more vulnerable as apart from other things your car is also parked in your garage without any security.

Chamberlain Internet Connectivity Kit is a boon to have in those times as it lets you control your garage door even when you are not near your house. This means that even if you have forgotten to lock the garage door and you suddenly realize that your garage door is unlocked; you need not turn around as you can use your smartphone and close and lock your garage door even from your car or for that matter from anywhere you are.

Chamberlain MyQ Internet Connectivity Kit does more than just keeping yourself in touch with your garage door; it also can control all the other MyQ devices available in your house such as table lamps or lights.

Now you can switch on or off even the table lamps or light bulbs in your house from anywhere you want, through your smartphone using the MyQ app that is compatible with all leading smartphone platforms such as IOS or Android. If you wish to embrace technology to make your day to day life hassle free, MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Controller can be an ideal start for you.

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Chamberlain CIGCWC Smartphone Connectivity Kit Review


  1. Internet connectivity: Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit comes with WiFi Garage Door Opener Adapter, which can be used to connect your garage door to your smartphone through the internet. Once your garage door is connected with your smartphone and you have downloaded your MyQ app over your smartphone, you can use the app to control your garage door i.e. open, close, lock and unlock your garage door using your smartphone
  2. Entry/Exit Notification: Garage Door Smartphone Control enables you to do more with your garage door than just controlling its movements. If you have a smart garage door with internet connectivity, it means you will be able to get notifications on your smartphone every time your garage door is opened or closed. You get the first-hand information if there is any unwanted activity related to your garage door such as if somebody tries to open it.
  3. Control other devices: Smartphone Connectivity provided by Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit does more than just controlling your garage door. No matter how many times you check, sometimes you will miss a switched-on light bulb in your house and go on your job or a visit some other city. These switched on electrical devices are a nuisance especially if you are looking to curb down your electricity bills.
  4. User-friendly app: MyQ has a very interactive app that lets the owner control electronic devices directly from his cell phone. The app is not designed to control only the garage doors, but all other MyQ enabled devices that you might have installed in your house. Each device has a separate place in the app so you will not be confused connecting and controlling a particular device.
  5. Installation: The Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit is very easy to install, and the app too takes only seconds to get installed in your smartphone. This ease of installation and use makes this product one of the most consumer favorite products in the automated garage door segment.


  • The Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit is compatible with HomeLink and Wink home automation system which means that you do not need to get a separate wink hub installed in your premises if you are using MyQ Internet connectivity kit.
  • This device works on your laptop, smartphone, tablet and every other device that can be connected to the internet and is compatible to run the MyQ app.
  • The hardware is easy to install and can even be done by yourself. The app too is very easy to install and gets installed in minutes.
  • The device connects to your home internet router and then can be used to control things such as your MyQ compatible garage door and your MyQ compatible table lamp.
  • The device weighs as less as 3.2 ounces that makes it cost effective for shipping and to carry it if you are switching homes or places.
  • The dimensions of Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit are 2.5*4.1*1.5 inches that make it a sleek and compact device which is easy to handle and carry.
  • The internet connectivity kit comes in with a one year warranty which can be extended on demand. The device though is not prone to defaults and can be used for long durations without the hassles of maintenance.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this internet connectivity kit is that it does not work on the battery but works on direct electricity. This eliminates the hassle of changing the power source periodically.


  • Works on direct electricity
  • You can access it from anywhere using the internet and smartphone.
  • Can be used to control garage door as well as other MyQ enabled electronic accessories such as MyQ table lamps.
  • The MyQ app is easy to download and install
  • The device is easy to install on the house premises.
  • The internet connectivity kit can be used to control as much as 16 MyQ enabled accessory devices along with the garage door.
  • The app can be used to open, close or lock the door of your garage from anywhere on earth.
  • The owner gets notified every time the garage door is opened or closed.


  • Occasional connectivity issues can arise if the wireless internet connection is hampered near the MyQ device or your cell phone.
  • In cases of lengthy power cuts, the device will not work without electricity as it does not work on secondary sources of energy such as a battery.
  • Sometimes the device may malfunction and start sending notifications out of thin air, but that is a problem only one or two users have had which can easily be resolved by talking to MyQ support or inviting a technician home.


It can be a real house security grey area if you leave your garage door open or unlocked while you head out for your official business trip or a vacation to some other place apart from your hometown. Forgetting to close the garage door is also not a very rare phenomenon, and every one of us had done it at some point of time in our lives.

Considering this, Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit is a splendid investment to enhance the security cover in your house. The device can be used to control not only your garage door from anywhere you want but also other MyQ enabled electronic devices.

Given the various functions and customer satisfaction over the years, it can be a safe bet to say that Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit is a value for money product, and everyone should install one in their house to enjoy the perks of modern technology in day to day living.

 Weighing the fact that people will spend tons of money buying the car of their dreams, it’s only natural to keep that car secure. There are a lot of hot options available in the market with great deals in both online and physical market for the Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit and with a little effort you can bag a deal that is very affordable on your bankroll. Not only does the Chamberlain MyQ Internet connectivity kit give you exposure to latest technology, but it also does so at an exciting price range that adds to its charm.

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