Chamberlain CLLP1 Laser Parking Assist Review

If you have purchased a new car that is bigger in dimensions to your older car and are looking to find a parking assistor that will help you maximize your garage parking space, Chamberlain CLLP1 Laser Parking Accessory is an ideal buy for you. The parking assist used a laser beam of light to indicate when to stop while parking your vehicle.

Chamberlain Parking Laser can work as an accessory with your Chamberlain garage door opener and will work for two cars in your garage. The parking assist throws a beam of light at your windscreen of the car when you have reached the maximum limit till when you can move your car near the wall or the window to help you make maximum use of the garage space in hand.

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  • Chamberlain Laser Garage Parking Assist works with two cars at a time
  • This parking assistor can be used as an accessory to your Chamberlain garage door opener
  • Is very easy to install and use
  • The device will be mounted on the overhanging wall of your garage from where it throws the laser beam of light on the windshield
  • The laser light is easy to spot
  • The second-degree laser is not harmful to your eyes
  • The software for the device is easy to program
  • The hardware of is durable and stands the test of time
  • The equipment can also work with other garage door openers
  • The device is installed beyond the reach of everyone hence cannot be damaged easily


  • Indicates when to stop: Most of the time when you are parking your car in your garage you do not realize how much space is left between the front wall and the bumper of your car. This device indicates when to stop thereby helping you maximize the parking area.
  • Easy on the eye: The machine uses class two laser beam to indicate when to stop. Class two laser beam is harmless to your eyes.
  • Can be used for two cars: The device is ideal for use for small households that have two cars in their garage. This is because it will help to indicate parking limits for two cars at a time.
  • Accessory to garage door opener: If you own a chamberlain garage door opener, this parking assistor that uses laser will work as an accessory to your garage door opener. This device can also work with other garage door openers.


  • This laser beam parking assistor is light weight
  • Parking assistor is easy to install
  • It is easy to program
  • It can work with two cars at a time.
  • This is a very light weight device and weighs 0.3 ounces.
  • It has dimensions of 4.5*3*8 inches


  • This device is very efficient in indicating when to keep moving and when to stop when you are parking your car in the garage.
  • Since this device gives precision in parking, it will certainly help you maximise your parking space inside the garage.
  • This device uses a very sharp beam of light which falls on your windshield when you have reached the thresh hold limit; this makes it very efficient to spot and follow.
  • This machine uses the class two laser beam that is harmless to the naked eye.
  • Since this device can be used for two cars in your garage at a time, this is an ideal parking assistor for small and medium sized households.
  • Since this laser emitting parking assistor is mounted on the overhanging wall for your garage, it does not get damaged easily.
  • This machine is very easy to program and install and can be done by anyone without the need of calling an expert to install the parking assistor in your garage.
  • This parking assistor is activated by the security sensors on your garage door opener and has no relation to the type of car you use. Hence, it will work with any model car you have.


  • Since only two laser parking assistors can be synchronized with one garage door opener, it is not ideal for use if you have a big garage with more than two cars parked at a time.
  • The laser beam needs to focus at the point where you can see the laser dot. In case you do not get the angles right while installing the parking assistor, you might not be able to view the laser beam.


This product comes in handy for garages that can hold a maximum of two cars at a time and comes in at a relatively cheaper price. Since the laser light parking assister is very durable, it will stand the test of time. For the price you pay, you get optimal performance and thus the product is a worthy buy and value for money.

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