Chamberlain MYQ-G0202 Garage Door Sensor Review

This is everything you can possibly dream of in a perfect garage door sensor. This Chamberlain MYQ-G0202 Review is here to give you a wider perspective on the kind of technology available in the market today. When you talk about this one, it lets you shut and open the door of your garage from anywhere with the help of door sensors that work like magic. Also, you can easily get updates and notifications anywhere and everywhere. All you require is a reliable internet connection.

This one allows you to set custom alerts. You can control whether the garage door is shut or open from anywhere in the world. But there’s more to like about it. Chamberlain’s MYQ-G0202 Garage Door Sensor is pretty simple to install and is completely compatible with most other types of equipment in the house. Altitude, MyQ and just about everything you want in your garage controller is here.

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Easy To Operate

This is one of the most cherished traits of the sensor. It is a breeze to install this. It has the capability to open and close your garage just from anywhere impressive. The notifications are a quick thing too. You can open and close your garage quickly, especially if you have kids coming from and going to school many times in a day.

WiFi Hub

You have a Wi-Fi Hub that communicates with your garage door opener using your home WI-Fi network. This is to ensure it’s all in sync with each other. This uses better technology to ensure that the Wifi is connected with your device and at all times makes it possible for you to see what’s happening in the house. And when you mount this opener on the door, a light on the Hub will flash before you use it in synch with your smartphone.

All Apps

This is a perfect example of a mechanism that works well with any operating system. Be it your typical iOS or Android Bluetooth pairing. There is a process that links this one to all the devices you have at your place. You can use MyQ in this Chamberlain MYQ-G0202to make sure you are in touch with everything happening in the house.

Additional Sensor

This is that one feature that allows you to operate both doors with your MyQ Garage system. You do not have to get into the mechanic of investing time in installing a different application or detail for each and every time you want to use this on different phones.

BenefitsChamberlain MYQ-G0202 Garage Door Sensor Review

  • You do not have to worry about getting up to close an open garage. The app will do it all for you.
  • Even if you are far away, you do not have to drive back to check if the door is open or closed, the app will have a notification.
  • You can now receive alerts any time your garage door opens, so you know everything from who came in when the kids are home, are they maids working just fine, etc.
  • MyQ Garage is something that works with most some of the best brands around the world. They come with a mechanism that synchronizes with all.
  • You have a perfect device that comes with a free app, and you do not end up paying extra to make it work with your garage door opening system.


  • Close and Open Garage from anywhere
  • Chamberlain MYQ-G0202 Garage WiFi Controller allows you to monitor, close and open your garage door with your smartphone
  • Receive alerts every single time there is movement around the house
  • Installs within minutes


  • The app works great. In fact, even if you happen to lose the remote, the app works perfectly well.
  • MyQ is a blessing if you are too many residents in one place. Everyone can have it on their phones and make it work.
  • Set an alarm and get alerts periodically instead of being hassled all the time.


  • The product is not meant to fit all pockets. And if you are looking for some of the very basic features, chances are, you’ll find other models to be more reasonable than this. This is probably the only issue you will find in any MYQ G0202 Chamberlain Door Sensor.
  • Another issue that doesn’t go down too well with most other users is that this one is compatible only with two doors.


It is one of the most engaging products in the market today. Definitely smart. But there are many other features that can be added to this. For instance, even as MyQ was to install, there are many who don’t care about reaching out to the clip on the roof of their cars to open this. There are more features that are required in this one.

To sum it up in this Chamberlain MYQ-G0202 Review tells you that while this is the coolest thing to have in your house, you have to ensure that you know what you are spending on. The best part is that it lets you check the status of your door remotely. And you have a choice and option to do something about it. But do you want to invest in this or want something with added features is an option you pick. That being said, if you want something more basic and do not desire to splurge a lot more, this is a perfect alternative for you. Choose wisely.

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