Chamberlain PD220 Garage Door Opener Review

Garage door openers have become an integral part of our everyday lifestyle. This Chamberlain PD220 Review gives you everything you need to know about effective garage door openers. You must know how to choose the right garage opener.

It is important to have one that can take care of all the problems related to your garage without having to spend a lot of money. You can have a garage door opener that comes with all the modern features without making a lot of noises and spending much money. The idea is to get a machine that makes the least possible noise, at the same time, makes your garage a safer place. This is what this Chamberlain Security Garage Door Opener is all about.

This garage takes care of the overall security.You will find that opening and closing the garage door is not tedious anymore, and this one works quite well with anything, and its automatic programming makes it easy for you to understand its functioning too. What’s best about it, is that you have the most flexible system at your service at a fairly reasonable price!

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  • Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Chain Drive technology is amazing as it lifts the doors up and down with no extra effort.
  • There are many safety sensors to ensure that your door is alert about any obstacles around while closing and opening the
  • Installing is the easiest, and a doorbell wall control system can be used to control it
  • Uses a powerful DC motor that is perfect for garages as it is quiet in its function and makes no noise in the attached to the rooms.
  • Comes with one-button remote
  • Falls in sync with tri-band frequencies easily.
  • You get a motor with a six-year warranty from the day of purchase and one year on other parts.
  • Auto Force feature helps you to create different electronic limits.

BenefitsChamberlain PD220 1-2-HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Review

  • Very lightweight
  • Portable
  • Comes with one remote for multiple uses
  • You have a light port that is compatible with CFL and LED
  • There is a long range remote if you want to use the garage door opener from a longer distance.
  • Faster than other heavy duty motors.
  • Durable in nature and high performance.
  • Reasonably Priced


  • DC motor that is quiet and powerful
  • Remote with tri-band frequency
  • Convenient doorbell wall controls installation
  • IR safety sensors
  • Less obtrusive


  • This is one of the safest models to use out there. If you have a room right on top of the garage, you will never be disturbed by the voice.
  • The chain drive mechanism is just like any powerful machine but makes no noise. You will be surprised at how quiet this one is.
  • You get a good warranty for six years on the motor. Now, what else can one possibly ask for. This is something that is a hit with users. And all other parts are covered for a


  • This is one of the models which does not come in the “low” range. Because it comes with some of the best features, you have to pay extra for what it deserves.


The brand is known for some of the best models in garage door openers. The group is among the leading brands for garage openers. They are appreciated for creating some of the most innovative designs with safety features that are just perfect. You also get full customer care support. Overall, the motor, the design and just about everything about the brand makes this one perfect. When you are looking for something more than just ordinary, this is something you should try. This is one brand that will not promise you things it can’t deliver.

You have every little thing you need in a good garage door opener in this one. If you have the budget for it, this is perfect.

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