Chamberlain PD762EV Garage Door Opener Review

Need a new garage door opener? Here’s a place with Chamberlain PD762EV Review to tell you all about the latest innovations in technology and how the experts are calling the shots in the field of innovation. Here’s a brand that comes with the most recent technology with an excellent chain-driven mechanism, perfect remote control, garage door openers which are belt driven and everything you could possibly ask for in your garage door. Imagine having all this under one roof. Isn’t that what makes some options too tempting to refuse. Even if that means having to spend a little more than you had planned. So whether your current garage-door opener is too loud, or just too noisy, this review will help you understand what exactly you are looking for.

When it’s about garage door-openers, we all want something that at least doesn’t make a lot of noises. This is why reviews help. Here’s a place where you will find the latest brands of studies and models based on features, price and more. Bringing you one of the best products in the market today, Chamberlain PD752kev Garage Door-Opener is a garage-door opener that is solidly built and can lift doors up to 550 pounds. The best part is that you can expect it to handle most heavy double-wide doors too.

What you get here is a powerful motor, a garage opener that is compatible with the MyQ home automation system and everything you could ask for. You now have a great home automation system that allows you to open doors, perform all functions of your phone and switch on lights just by using your phone.

This has a rugged chain drive with MyQ technology. You can now open, shut or monitor your Garage Door quickly. But there’s more to love about this garage-door opener.

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FeaturesChamberlain PD762EV 3/4HP Heavy-Duty Garage Door Opener Review

Rolling Code System

Here’s a garage opener that gives you the relaxation as it comes with enhanced security. It works with a rolling code system that you can set afresh every single the garage door needs to be opened. This is perfect just in case you happen to lose the remote. You can just change the rolling codes and do not have to fret over the remote being in the wrong hands.

Motion Detection

This is right in the control panel. You can turn on the garage door lights even before you enter the garage. They remain on for around 4 minutes and then switch off automatically. This gives you ample time to walk in, and you do not have to worry about the lights being left on. And you never get home to a house with any lights.


Now this garage door-opener comes with the reverse and lifts technology. There’s an infrared light beam across the bottom of the doorway, which rolls the door back up every time it senses something. The door automatically goes back up if there is any contact with any object around or outside the garage door.

MyQ Technology

You do not just have access to your garage door from your smartphone, but you also have the luxury to utilize your phone as a remote to operate lights outside and inside the garage. And this can be done from anyplace in the planet. Yes, you’ll have to buy an Internet-Gateway separately. Download the ‘MyQ Home’ Control application and you are sorted. You can control lights using your Android or iPhone smartphone. You will also get notifications if your garage door is opened or if any light was left on.


Easy To Use: Chamberlain Pd752kev is one of the easiest to use models out there. The garage-door opener comes with many easy-to-use components. These allow you to get access to 3-button remotes, an opener and a lighted console.

Convenience: Even if you just have two 100-watt bulbs in your garage, there is enough light for clear vision. The control panel has a button to lock the door, there’s another one that allows the lights to turn on manually and then an oversized button which comes in handy when you want to open the door manually.

Operate From Anywhere: The MyQ technology allows you to operate the door from anywhere around the world. This is so comforting when you know from across the ocean also that you can shut or open the door and operate the lights too.


  • Timer: You can use this feature to automatically close the garage door after 1, 5, or 10 minutes
  • 3/4 chain drive system
  • Motion Detecting Control Panel allows you to programme remote controls, keypads
  • MyQ System turns lights on automatically when movement is sensed
  • Automatic adjustment to temperature fluctuations
  • Quick-Install system: Helps in assembling the system in 60 seconds
  • 3-button remote controls
  • Protector System safety sensors
  • Sensing technology
  • Anti-burglary technology
  • PosiLock theft protection
  • Manual release handle if there’s a power failure


  • The best part— You can now use your smartphone and monitor the entire control unit. This is your Chamberlain Power Drive Heavy Duty model which is a strong machine. You just have to buy the CIGBU gateway and you can now get alerts. This informs you each time the door opens or closes.
  • You do not have to worry about those alerts even if you are far away. And you are not coming home to a dark house. You can operate the lights on your MyQ app. This is the easiest way to go about using the garage door. The brand is known for some of the best models like Chamberlain PD752D Garage Door-Opener as well.


  • Everything is great except the fact that you will have to purchase the keyless entry pad separately for this Chamberlain Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. This is a bit annoying when you are looking at a budget purchase.


This is one of the best models out there. This is nothing you can ask for when you have perfection like this at home. You can find either this or even Chamberlain PD752D Best Price and many other options by the brand at various places but you still can find models which are less expensive.

The brand is know for its PD762EV 3/4-HP Heavy-Duty Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. Be it the 3/4-horsepower PD762EV or the MyQ app, there is so much to vouch for here. But if you are living on a tight budget, take a closer look at this Chamberlain PD762EV Review before making an investment.

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