Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener Review

Every now and then when there is a power failure, you no longer have to worry about the garage door opener. It will work. Yes. Read on this Chamberlain WD962KEV Review to know what we are talking about here. Welcome this wave of new technology that is giving many other models a run for their money. The Chamberlain Premium Whisper Drive WD962KEV is here with a reliable battery backup to make sure you are not worried when there’s no electricity in the house. And you can use your garage if the need arises. There are various updated security features that make this model stand above many potential models in the industry.

This comes with impeccable features like the timer-to-close function, something that automatically closes the garage door envy if you forget. Add to that, the convenience of MyQ technology and you know you have something way too perfect. It allows you to use your garage door opener making the exterior and interior lights be controlled by automatic controls. You do not come home to a dark house. It is actually that awesome to use. And there’s more to the model.

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  • It comes with a 3/4 HPS DC belt drive system; this makes it perfectly quiet in terms of performance.
  • There’s a battery backup that comes with 20 open/close cycles. This is only in the first 24 hours of a power outage.
  • There’s a Timer-to-close feature. It allows you to automatically close the garage door in slots of 1, 5, or 10 minutes.’
  • Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive has a motion-detecting control panel. This makes it easy for you to handle many controls and lighting accessories (MyQ), and the remote itself. You can turn off lights and switch them on automatically every time there is a movement.
  • The model comes with Auto force-sensing technology. This monitors the garage system. You don’t have to change the system in every season; it detect the temperature fluctuations on its own.
  • Here’s a model with a quick-install rail system for 60-second installation.


Chamberlain WD962KEV Whisper Drive Garage Door Opener

Have A Control System Without Power Too

Even users who get into the argument of Chamberlain WD962KEV vs. LiftMaster 8550 have been hooked to the former for this advantage. Chamberlain Model # WD962KEV gives you access to the door even until 24 hours of use. This is a powerful benefit that ‘s hard to find in most other models.

Automatic Controls

With its timer feature, you can use different timing slots to make sure the garage door is automatically closed after a set amount of time. Even if you forget, you don’t have to rush back to shut it. Just use this function and set the clock to either one, five or 10 mins.

Light Controls

You will never come home to a darkened house with this control. It comes with Chamberlain’s MyQ technology. You can now control interior and outdoor lights even before you enter the home.


Compare Chamberlain LW5000EV vs. WD962KEV, and you will find that WD962KEV comes with extra smooth stop functions. This is something that radically reduces the noise of the garage door as it opens and shuts. So if you have a room just above the garage, you will be saved from a lot of noises.


It comes with an excellent motion detector. You can comfortably control everything from keypads and even MyQ lighting accessories.You can take care of the control panel automatically as well. This saves you from a lot of stress and waste of time.

Premium Security

This one comes with Protector System safety sensors. An invisible light beam is projected every single time the garage door opens. This will reverse the door automatically in case the beam is interrupted by anything. The door will stop on its own. This is a feature in many other models but not as effective as in this one model.


  • Chamberlain WD962KEV Garage Door Opener is MyQ Enabled
  • Motion sensors that activate light
  • 3/4 HPS* DC belt drive system
  • Timer-to-Close feature
  • Motion-Detecting Control Panel
  • Battery Backup System
  • Auto force-sensing technology
  • Quick-install system
  • Compatible with HomeLink
  • Includes two 3-button remote controls
  • Delivers 200 watts of light with flexible light time delay


  • This one is super easy to install. In fact, just 60 seconds. This is one of the main reasons why a lot of users prefer it over any other model available today.
  • You are not worried anymore about leaving the garage door open even by mistake anymore.
  • Motion Sensors detect any movement within seconds, giving you complete relief from trying to figure out frequently about the movement around the garage.
  • Battery backup makes this one a perfect model. When there’s no electricity, this works as brilliantly as otherwise.
  • Great value. Most users have said this is one of the most valuable investments in the market today.
  • There are more than one features to explore here and so many ways that security is made easy for you.


  • The one problem with this one is that it is slightly expensive. Not everyone wants to invest in too many features. You will probably want to explore options where WD962KEV Lowest Price is available. Else, there are chances you will find something more simple at a better price. No doubt this one is a catch, but not if you are on a budget.


Needless to say, thisChamberlain WD962KEV Review is surely going to ask you to buy this if money is not a constraint. This is everything you could possibly ask for in a good model. Everything from the belt drive to motion detectors are in premium quality. You cannot ask for a better technology than the features this model holds. But then again, there are certain characteristics you could possibly do without. Find out the best deal and go for this one if you can afford the price.

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