Decko 24300 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Review

A large number of homeowners are increasingly realizing the importance of owning a reliable garage gate opener to keep their cars safe. The motorized opener is an automated device that is used to open and close the garage door. It usually comes with a remote control or a keypad that is easy to operate. You can choose the best garage door openers online from the comfort of your homes. Ensure that you choose a well-known website to buy a good quality garage gate opener. Also, while buying you must read the terms and conditions of payment and delivery carefully.

You should read the Decko 24300 review further, to understand different aspects of the garage door and gate openers. The technology used in making a garage door opener has advanced to a great extent. The Decko 24300 has many unique features. Let us look at them.

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FeaturesDecko 24300 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener Review

  1. ) Decko 24300 has non-polarised wiring that makes installation process very easy.
  2. ) It can manage sectional doors that are up to 18ft in width and 7ft in height.
  3. ) An additional extension of 8 feet will be provided, in the case of larger doors.
  4. ) The package includes many accessories such as three functional panels of walls, free of cost wireless keypad and two remotes.
  5. ) This garage opener also has a system for auto reversing.
  6. ) It also provides a dual lighting system. You need to buy the light bulbs separately.
  7. ) The garage opener also has emergency safety release system and a very reliable chain drive.
  8. ) It is well-designed to handle extreme cold and hot conditions.


The Decko 24300 has many advantages. Let us look at them.

  1. ) Easy to install: Anyone can easily install the Decko 24300 garage door opener by themselves. This saves the cost of hiring professional help.
  2. ) Operating motor: The Decko 24300 has a very powerful and noiseless engine that will allow you to come in and go out of your garage without disturbing others.
  3. ) Controller: The package contains two remotes. The extra one is always helpful as you always have a back-up, in case you lose one. Also, if there are more than one car owners in the family, both of them can access the garage very easily.
  4. ) Optical safety: This important feature ensures that there is nobody below the door while opening or closing the door. It also ensures that the top of the gate is also not jammed while opening. This helps in preventing accidents or damaging of cars. Also, the automatic lighting will enable you to access your garage at night.
  5. ) Warranty: The durable ¾ HP chain motor gives the assurance of the lifetime. Having complete warranty is a sign of the high quality of the product.


  1. ) It weighs 33.2 pounds.
  2. ) The product dimensions are 26.1 X 12.1 X 9 inches.
  3. ) The package also contains batteries.


  • The garage door opener is well-designed and functions without any noise.
  • In case, you require any help in installing or operating Decko 24300, the customer service department will provide you with personalized services.
  • The light sensors for safety are pre-connected. Thus, there is no wire tripping.
  • The Decko package includes everything you require for installation and usage.
  • The controllers are easy to operate.
  • While installing you do not need screwdrivers to push the screws, you can use your bare hands.
  • The user manual is well-detailed.


  • The plastic of the bulb covers is made of inferior quality material.
  • There is a little delay in opening and closing the garage door while operating with the remote control.


The Decko garage door openers are quality products. You do not have to think twice before investing in this product. The customer reviews for this product have been splendid. This top rated garage door opener will make you feel relaxed about the safety of your cars.

Also, you will get an excellent product at reasonable price. The number of people investing in Decko 24300 is increasing. The customers are contented with the product, and you can be rest assured too.

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