Garage Door Opener Installation Cost

Garage door openers are one of that equipment that majority of us take for granted until the time they stop functioning and we’re required to lower and raise the heavy garage door manually. While a garage door opener was a luxury in the past, their falling costs have made them much of a necessity now. These openers allow you to open and close cumbersome garage doors with a click of a button while you remain seated in your car.  LiftMaster 3265-267

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But no matter if you are looking to replace your existing garage door opener or planning to buy it for the first time, apart from the cost of the opener, it is also very important to know the cost to install garage door opener.

This post is created to provide you with detailed information about garage door opener installation cost. The factors that influence the cost of this process and some useful tips and tricks for installing and maintaining the flawless functioning of these door openers.

Cost of Installing Garage Door Openers

If you are thinking how to install a craftsman garage door opener, installing a garage door opener is not a complicated process and only requires basic electrical and carpentry skills. By doing the installation yourself, you surely can save a little money, but hiring a professional for the job is not very expensive, and the installation will be done in much lesser time, especially if you’ve never installed a door opener before.

In short, the money that you will save by doing it yourself will be equivalent to the time that you will spend on the process. Thus, it is recommended that you should hire a professional for the job.

The average money that homeowners spend on installing a garage door opener is about $220 when they do it themselves and around $350 when they hire a professional for the job. This garage door opener installation cost includes the price of the opener along with the installation charges and the additional materials that you might require for the installation.

However, the average installation cost is affected by some factors. If you are wondering how much to install a garage door opener, some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Type of Garage Door Opener

There are three distinct types of garage-door openers- belt-drive, screw-drive, and chain-drive. If you are looking for a durable and quieter door opener, a belt-drive opener can be a great choice. However, they are also the most costly type of opener, and their price can range between $200 and $350 and even above.

Screw drive openers are not as quiet as belt-drive counterparts and can cost between $150 and $250. Chain-drive type openers are the noisiest and offer good value-for-money. You can get a chain-drive garage door opener by investing around $120-$180.


The next important factor is the features that you want in your door opener. Remember that the features of the opener do have a major impact on the garage door opener installation costs as well.

  • Reverse Directional: In many places, it is compulsory only to install a garage door opener which has a reverse directional feature that enables the gate to retract itself automatically when there is an obstacle in its path. This feature does an excellent job of preventing accidental crushing.
  • Infrared: Another handy feature that you can find in some openers is the infrared beams that determine whether or not the vehicle has exited the garage.
  • Power Back-up: It is also important to make sure that the opener you choose has a backup battery option to enable the gate to work even if there is a power outage.
  • Manual Operation: A good garage door opener should also provide you with the ability to manually operate the door in case of an urgency.

Remote Control

Many garage door openers come with a handy remote control that is programmed with the help of rolling codes. The reason for using such codes is to disable burglars and robbers from obtaining the code by any illegal action and also ensure that your neighbor’s garage door remote control cannot be used to open your door. These remote controls make use of a unique code every single time they are used and will only run with the correct transmitters.


A large number of garage door openers come with security lighting which is usually installed in the housing of the motor of the opener and is illuminated when the opener activates. The light can also be employed when the garage door is closed and is usually controlled with the help of a remote control.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the cost to install garage door opener by a professional can vary immensely by region as well.

Tips and Tricks

Let us have a glance at some useful suggestions that can make your life a lot easier as far as the garage door openers are concerned.

  • The majority of the modern garage door openers are operated through a remote control. So, if you find that the garage door opener isn’t working, rather than calling for professional help, first try to replace the batteries of the remote control. If the battery is not the problem, you might have to reprogram the remote. The reprogramming process is pretty simple, and the manual should have detailed information about the same.
  • If your garage door opener starts making loud mechanical or grinding noise, it usually means that there is some problem with its lift motor. Many-a-times, the motor, stops working or gears in motor wear out. A garage door opener company should be able to provide you with a solution to this problem.
  • Over time, a garage door opener will fail. The average life of a good-quality door opener is about ten years. However, regular maintenance is the key to enhancing its life. Make sure that you inform a professional technician if there is any unusual movement or sound from the opener. Also, make sure that the moving parts, like the hinges, chains, rollers, pulleys, etc. are regularly lubricated to avoid premature failure and protect yourself from expensive repairs.
  • Also, if you are planning to buy an entirely new garage door, try to purchase a garage door opener along with it. Many of the garage door companies do sell openers as well, and apart from the cost of the opener, you are not required to pay any additional installation cost to install garage door opener.


Now that you know the how much does it cost to install a garage door opener and the factors that affect the cost of installation, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to do it yourself or engage a professional to do it. Apart from this, also make sure that you keep the tips mentioned above in mind to ensure that your garage door opener can work flawlessly over an extended period.

For more information on how to choose a garage door opener, which accessories to buy along with the opener, or to check the reviews of some of the best models available in the market, make sure that you visit the other pages of our website as well.

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