Genie 2562-TC PowerLift 900 1/2 HP Garage Door Opener Review

You need more than just a motor to sustain a garage door opener. It’s also about excellent ergonomics and the ability to be able to use a noiseless system. This is why you must know what the best models in garage door openers are offering.

This is a garage door opener comes with a strong 1/2 hp motor. This one from Genie is not as inexpensive. Installing it is a breeze for sure. What’s more? You can use the two 3-button remote controls. When it comes to motion detection, the brand comes with the Safe-T beams which detect any movement under the door and keep you safe.

The best part about the Genie PowerLift 900 Carriage is that it uses auto seek dual frequency. It helps you get immediately informed if there is any frequency disruption in your area.

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FeaturesGenie 2562-TC PowerLift 900 1-2 HP Garage Door Opener Review

  • Manual release handle
  • Premium C-channel rail
  • Two-bulb lighting system
  • This one comes with a premium C-channel tra This makes the design clean and ensures that there is flush-mounting capability. You can also protect the opener from dirt by using the enclosed rail.
  • AutoSeek dual frequency
  • Comes with a Safe-T-Beam sensor that ensures that there are no risks, and it stops the doors soon as the beam detects anything on the doorway
  • HomeLink compatibility
  • SmartSet Push button that makes programming simple


  • The brand is known for making reliable machines.
  • It’s motor, and overall look is solid.
  • Motion Detection is premium quality.
  • HomeLink Compatibility allows it to sync with your car and unlock it with ease.


  • Comes with 1/2 HP AC screw
  • Includes two remotes with three buttons
  • There is a console for mounting it on the wall
  • The Safe T-beams keep you informed about any movement and reduces the risk of accidents
  • Intellicode rolling code technology
  • 1/2 HP direct-drive screw that makes it powerful


  • Genie 2562 TC comes with a solid motor and design.
  • It will tell you if there’s any interference with the frequency in your area.
  • You will get instant alerts about any movement without having to invest much.
  • Genie Garage Door PowerLift 900 has everything you can ask for in a perfect garage door opener.


  • It is not for the ones who cannot spend a lot on a machine. You have to have a big budget for this which is why many people do not go for this one.


The brand is known for some of the best models. This is what makes Genie very reliable. However, if you want something not as expensive, you have a bigger market to survey. Most users have loved this one for its sound technology and the ability to detect any movement within seconds. Also, the Auto Seek dual frequency is not something you will easily find, in a lot of models out there. So when you want something at a more reasonable price, this is not the model for you. Overall, great machine with a powerful motor you can rely on for years to come.

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