How to Change Garage Door Opener

Tips to change your garage door opener!

One of the main components to get recognition in the recent times is for garage door openers. Not only is it easier to use and adds a certain level of security to your home, but you will not have any margin for error if you are equipped with them. The automatic garage door openers are in very high demand thanks to the safety it brings and the comfort of it at the same time.

However, like all material things, even garage door openers need to be maintained and kept in shape to ensure that they give you longevity. If your garage door stops working midway, you should also know the basics of how to change garage door opener to save you the cost and the delay of getting a handyman to do it for you.

If you are interested in learning the simple method of knowing your garage door opener in a jiffy, then this article is the right one for you.

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Check the door parts

Contrary to popular belief, the opener is not the one that always creates the problem. Before you spend a lot of money in buying a new opener or getting someone to change it, just check if all the parts in your automatic garage door are working fine. If your door is making a lot of noise and it is opening very slowly, it might be a problem with the coils.

In this case, changing the opener is not required at all. Get the coils replaced with nylon rollers for less noise and ensure that you get a handyman to do this bit because they carry a lot of tension in them, and a professional will do a much better job than you, the amateur.

Door balance

Sometimes, your torsion spring can be completely out Genie Garage Door Openerof whack. This can make your door opener work slower and harder which is the reason it stopped working so quickly. There is an easy way to test this. Just take the garage door up halfway and let it go. If it stays put, then the spring is fine, and something else is wrong with your opener, but if it moves up or down, then the spring is not adjusted which might be the reason for your opener to stop working.

Learning how to adjust your garage door opener means knowing what can break it in the first place. This will make it easier to change.

Knowing the opener you need

This is very important as you will need to know how compatible it is with your garage and your living space. If you are opting for a single door garage, go with the ⅓ hp opener. If you have a double door, the ½ hp works better, and the ¾ hp opener is needed if your door has a wooden overlay making it extremely heavy.

If you have a living space above your garage, then it makes sense to go for the belt drives as they have a rubber belt that operates it. While it is the quietest, it is also the most expensive to buy as well as maintain. The screw drive belt is priced mid-range and has a long rod to operate it. The cheapest is the chain drive which operates the door with a metal chain, but it is extremely loud.

Knowing the kind of opener that you have will help you figure out what needs to be replaced very quickly.


If you are planning to learn how to install a garage door spring, you need to be prepared to get your hands dirty. Before you install the spring and the opener, check the distance it takes from the ceiling to the top of the garage door by placing it on a ladder.

Next, ensure that you are checking the distance and noting it down to make the angle iron support. Keep the garage door open to ensure that you do not make any mistakes.

Need for angle iron

While your garage door openers come with everything you need for installation, it makes sense to get an angle iron and hacksaw it to make a mount for the opener. The openers come with a flimsy mounting strap that does not work very well. Having an angle iron mount will make it much sturdier and will reduce the vibration which means your opener will last longer.


Yes, it can be tempting to keep the old button opener and the wires instead of going through the hassle to put up the new ones, but one of the biggest hot to change garage door opener tips is to ensure that all the components are completely replaced, so it has a good life span.

Most of the new garage door openers are very sensitive to the old wires so they won’t work or might short circuit quickly so be on the safe side and change all of them at once. It only takes fifteen minutes!

Opening force

Knowing how to adjust garage door opener is a big plus as you need to be able to follow all the safety measures. Look out for the amount of force that you receive from the garage door when it is opening. If it does not stop even after five lbs of resistance, you need to change the opening force.

You will need to change the screw to 1.8 inches on the side to get the force that is optimal. Check if the door opens or stops on its own and accordingly change the force. You will have to keep tweaking it until you get it right.


While it is easy to assume that garage door openers are here to stay, you need to be well adept at the basics of the technology to ensure that you can make the tiny adjustments needed on your own and in the case of an emergency. Now that you know how to change garage door opener and with these tips in mind, you can make do with any garage door opener in the future!

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