LiftMaster 1345 Garage Door Openers Review

Garage door openers are the products that are bought once in a lifetime as they are durable and are made to stand the test of time. These doors openers not only work just to move your garage door, but they are also essential for your house security. Hence, you cannot go and buy just any garage door that fits your budget.

LiftMaster 1345 Garage door openers have been one of the most sought after garage door openers in the segment running currently because they come from the brand that has delivered consistent results over past couple of decades and have assembled brand loyal customers because of the quality products they deliver every time. There are various reasons that make 1/3 LiftMaster Garage door opener better than the rest, here are a few of them.

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  • LiftMaster 1345 1-3 HP Chain Drive Garage Door Openers ReviewIt works with a remote and can be used within a range that does not disappoint.
  • 1/3 horse power garage door is capable of lifting enough weight to hold your garage door unless you own a mammoth garage in which case you would need more power.
  • Wall mount design ensures that your garage door opener can be placed at a distance where it does not come in regular contact and get damaged.
  • The garage door opener comes with a lifetime motor.
  • The device comes with a power lock deadbolt.
  • Works with a chain rather than a belt that makes the garage door opener more durable and long lasting.
  • The remote controlled opener comes with a handy wall mount feature
  • Easy to install as it requires fewer parts to install.
  • The device is very low on maintenance over time, and the structure rarely falters.
  • The garage door is home link compatible
  • The device is WIFI enabled


  • Long Lasting: Chamberlain LiftMaster 1 3 HP is a very durable device and will work for years without developing any problems. The garage door opening device comes with an extended warranty and will be changed by the manufacturers if the product fails to deliver.
  • Home Link Compatibility: Home link compatibility ensures that your garage door opener will work with a variety of cars inside your garage. No matter if you have a Prius or a Lexus, the garage door opener works just fine.
  • Chain Drive: Chain drive garage door openers are made to stand the test of time. The belt garage door openers are not that durable over a longer period, as the belt breaks after some usage; this is not the case with a chain drive.
  • Low on Maintenance: There are minimal maintenance costs associated with Chamberlain LiftMaster Professional 1 3 as the engineering used behind the garage door opener is solid and does not require regular maintenance.


  • Since the garage door is very low on maintenance, the costs of using the garage door opener over the prolonged period are minimal. The only maintenance required is regular greasing of the chain.
  • Home link compatibility ensures that most of the cars can be connected to the garage door opener opening machine.
  • The garage door controller is remote control operated, and thus you do not have to step out of the car every time to open or close the garage door.
  • The wall mount feature ensures that you can install the garage door opening motor at a place where no one could reach out to damage the garage door.
  • 1/3 horse power engine ensures that the garage door opener can lift heavy loads. Unless and until your garage door is a huge solid structure, 1/3 horse power is ideal for use.
  • The device is compact and easy to install with only a few parts that need assembling.
  • A Wi-Fi enabled device, gives you the freedom to use the garage door even from your smart phone.


  • The machine uses a chain instead of a belt. Though this ensures that the garage door opener works for a longer duration of time, it does make a little noise every time you open or close your garage door.


  • 1/3 horse power
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Remote controlled
  • Uses chain


If you are looking to buy a garage door opener that has a proven track record of delivering results over and over again, this product is a worthy buy. If you do not have a problem with faint noise coming whenever you open of close your garage door, this garage door opener is ideal for you. If you are looking for quality and power, this garage door opener is ideal for you. And finally, if you are looking value for money, want a product that serves you for a lifetime, this garage door opener is a product worth investing your money in.

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