Liftmaster Remotes

Premium remote control range from Liftmaster is one of its kind. The remote control is equipped with an automatic sensor that causes the remote to automatically light up when you bring your hand close to the remote. Thus, it is easy for you to see through the remote buttons even when you are operating it in the dark.

It is equipped with a leather-like grip for more security such that you can avoid slipping and sliding off your hand. The push button windows are also equipped with a motion detector that causes a brilliant blue light to flash through the remote. When you buy this product, it will come included with a battery for you to get started using it right away. There is also a “Sleep” mode that enables you to conserve battery and extend battery life of the device.

Liftmaster 371lm Single-Button Remote Control

This is a basic remote control that is also considered as one of the best Liftmaster remote controls. However, don’t expect its features to be limited to the basic as it can do a lot of things. You can use it to turn the lights on or off in your garage, operate your garage door opener, among other things.

It is made out of the Security+® rolling code technology, which sends a code to a product whenever it is used. It operates using a 3-volt battery that could last up to 5 years of use.

Liftmaster 375LM Remote Clicker Universal Remote

Want to organize all your remote controls into a single device for more organization and to avoid confusion? Then you might want to get your own Liftmaster 375LM Remote Clicker Universal Remote.

It is available for a suggested retail price, which is not bad given that it is equipped with a reliable set of features. This universal remote control is compatible with a wide variety of devices including 1998 to present models of Stanley, Chamberlain Craftsman Liftmaster, Overhead Door CodeDodger®, and the Genie Intellicode from the 1995 to present model, to name a few. However, do take note that this product is not compatible with garage door openers.

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Other Liftmaster Remote Controls

Here are some other models of Liftmaster remotes for you to choose from:

Liftmaster 370LM Mini 3-Button Remote Control -This is a small remote control that comes with a small size that easily fits into your pocket. It is compatible with a wide range of devices that give you maximum control even when on the go.
Liftmaster 373LM Universal Remote Control – This is ideal for use in operating your garage door opener.
Chamberlain KLIK1U Universal Remote Control – This 2-button remote control is capable of opening garage doors and could also be used for operating interior lights or appliances at home.

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