Quiet Garage Door Opener

If you are looking to buy a garage door opener, one of the most important considerations is how quiet the opener is. Loud garage door openers don’t just annoy you, but can also disturb others around you. To make things easier for you by eliminating the need to spend time in searching for the quietest of door openers, we’ve compiled a list of Top Quiet Garage Door Openers.

Go through this list and understand the features, pros and cons of every model to make sure that the one you choose is perfect for your needs.

Top Quiet Garage Door Openers

Chamberlain WD832KEV Ultra Quiet and Strong ½ HP

While most of the belt driven garage door openers are negatively reviewed for the noise they make while opening and closing the door, this WD832KEV from Chamberlain is different. The best drive opener features a steel-reinforced belt system that has a unique MVIS (Motor Vibration Isolation System) design to eliminate the noise caused due to the vibration of the power head.  CHAMBERLAIN MYQ WD832KEV 1-2hp

This quiet garage door opener is MyQ-enabled to enable you to operate the opener right from a smartphone or tablet with the aid of its CIGBU Internet Gateway. Apart from closing and opening the door, the technology also allows you to switch on/off outdoor lights and get notifications through phone notifications or emails if there is any activity involving the garage door or the lights.

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It also has a useful Timer-to-Close feature with the help of which the opener will automatically close the gate after a pre-set amount of time. This comes in very handy when you forget to close the door. The door opener comes with a wireless keypad which you can use to set a 4-digit code to open/close the door without using its remote. The keypad also has a button with the help of which you can lock the garage door with a single touch.

The control panel of this door opener has motion detectors to switch on the lights automatically if any movement is detected. Security 2.0 Anti-Theft technology, Protector System Safety Sensors, PosiLock theft protection, and Manual Door Release are some of the other characteristics that make this garage door opener a perfect pick for very modern home.


  • MyQ Technology
  • Time-to-Close feature
  • 3-Button Remote Control
  • Motion Detection
  • Wireless Keypad
  • Security 2.0 Anti-Theft Technology


  • Noise reduction technology used in the door opener is highly impressive
  • Safety light sensors and the sensing technology of the opener stop the closing of the door if there is contact with an object or a person
  • Timer-to-Close feature does a great job of automatically closing the door when you forget to do it
  • Remote access and mobile/email notifications ensure enhanced level of safety


  • Many users have complained that the garage door opener is difficult to install
  • No battery backup which can allow you to use the opener if there is a power outage

Chamberlain PD612EV ½ HP MyQ Garage Door Opener

If you are looking to buy a quiet yet efficient garage door opener, then this PD612EV ½ HP from Chamberlain can be an excellent choice. It features a powerful ½ HP motor which is powerful enough to open and close largest of garage doors and quiet enough to not disturb anyone in the surrounding. The chain drive opener comes with two different 3-button remotes and an additional wireless keypad which you can use if you don’t have a remote.  Chamberlain PD612EV 1-2 HP MyQ Enabled Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
The door opener is MyQ Technology-enabled to allow you to sync the unit with your Android and iOS mobile phone. Once synced, you can control the movement of the door and lights, and also receive alerts from the door opener on your phone. It also has a PosiLock System which is an anti-theft feature that locks the garage door when it is closed. Moreover, with the help of the Force Setting feature, this silent garage door opener automatically adjusts the force required to close and open the door as per the weather conditions and temperature.

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PD612EV also comes with an Automatic Sleep Mode, which allows the unit to consume less than 1 watt of energy when not being employed. While this garage door opener is indeed very impressive and reasonably priced, just like the above mentioned Chamberlain WD832KEV, many users have complained that this garage door opener is also difficult to install.


  • ½ HP Motor
  • Quiet Chain Drive Mechanism
  • Security+ 2.0 Rolling Code
  • Two Multi-Frequency Remote Controls
  • Wireless Keypad
  • 200 Watt Lighting
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Mobile and Email Notifications


  • When the garage door is closed, you’ll receive a message on your mobile phone for complete security
  • Can be used with heavier garage doors
  • Lightweight and durable build
  • 200-watt light not just adds to the aesthetics but also enhances the security
  • Ten years warranty on the motor and two years warranty on the parts


  • Installation is tricky

Decko 24300 ¾ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

While Decko is not as famous as Chamberlain for its garage door opener, your search for a silent garage door opener can end up with this 24300 ¾ HP Chain Drive Garage Door Opener. With a ¾ HP motor, this door opener is stronger than the above mentioned ½ HP door openers. It can be used with doors as heavy as 500 pounds or measuring 18ft across and 7ft in height. Its motor is powerful and allows you to open and close the door silently without disturbing anyone.

Decko 24300 3-4 Horse Power Heavy Duty Reduced Noise Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

A major difference between this Decko garage door opener and the ones mentioned above is the fact that 24300 from Decko is easy to install, while the above mentioned Chamberlain models have negative reviews by many buyers for their difficult installation process. 24300 comes with two 3-button remote control and a three function wall panel for easy access to the garage without the remote control.

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The garage door opener also has Optical Safety feature which stops closing and the opening of the door when it comes in contact with anything or anyone while closing. This offers complete safety for you, your family members and your car. For better visibility at night, the door opener also features automatic lighting. Another great thing about this opener is that its motor comes with a lifetime warranty, while the majority of the best of garage door openers come with 2, 5 or 6 years warranty on their motor.

Just like every garage door opener, the Decko 24300 also has a couple of weaknesses. For instance, there is no internet compatibility which Chamberlain offers through its MyQ technology. Also, many users have mentioned that there is a small delay in closing and the opening of the door while using the remote control.


  • Powerful Operating Motor of ¾ HP
  • Two 3-Button Remote Control
  • 3 Function Wall Panel
  • Optical Safety
  • Easy Installation


  • Can be used with larger and heavier doors
  • Backup batteries to operate the door in case of a power outage
  • Extremely quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Installation is very simple
  • Lifetime warranty on motor


  • Small delay in opening and closing of door while using the remote control
  • No internet compatibility or remote access


Choose one from the options mentioned above if you are looking for the quietest garage door opener. These door openers are not only quiet but are powerful and come with some features to make the process of opening and closing the garage door simpler and safer. In the case of any questions about them, feel free to use the comments section below to reach us.

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