Sommer 1052V000 Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Review

Garage doors are meant to last long and work in the shadow without anyone noticing. Nobody wants to hear those metallic chain noises every time the garage door opens or closes. While there are many options available on the market that can promise to work like a whisper, not every product delivers the ideal result.

In this Sommer 1052V000 Review, we are going to tell you why this equipment beats the competition and what features make this an ideal companion for your garage setting. Not only does the device lifts heavy garage doors because of its immense power, but it also does so without waking everyone up in your house. If your garage is located below your house, Sommer 1052V000 Garage Door Opener is an ideal buy for you, here is the list of reasons why it is so.

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  • Powerful 1 Horse Power motor is enough to lift the heaviest of the metal doors.
  • The device uses a metal rail instead of a chain that reduces noise to a minimal level.
  • It comes with full installation kit included in the package.
  • Because of non-use of a chain, no vibrations happen while opening or closing the door.
  • Perfect for garages located below the house.
  • The device includes two 2-button transmitters.
  •  The device includes an interior wall station
  • The device has a secure rolling code technology
  • The device is home link compatible.


Sommer Direct Drive 1042V001 34 HP Garage Door Opener Review

Durable: If there is one area where this machine stands way above the rest in competition is its durability. The device has a reputation to work for years without developing major issues, and all it needs is a little servicing every once in a while.

No Noise: The thing with most garage door openers is that they are enough to make your neighbours know that you are home. This device takes care of it. Because it does not use chains, but just a steel rail of 7-8 feet in length, it does not make any sound when it’s working.

No Vibrations: If your house is located above your garage and you use a chain garage door opener, you are bound to feel the vibrations whenever the door of your garage is being lifted or being closed. This device makes sure your house is never damaged by any such vibrations.

Home Link Compatible: Home link compatibility ensures that the device will work for most of the cars. It doesn’t matter if you have a Toyota Prius or a Lexus; this device will work for most of the cars you own.

Direct Drive Technology: It is one of the most technologically advanced garage door openers in the market and offers Europe’s leading direct drive technology. As soon as the sensor senses your car near the door, the door opens automatically.

Soft Start and Stop Technology: This is one of the only machines in the segment that offers the soft start and soft stop technology.

Power: This device is the best in power in the segment not only because of the one horsepower engine but also because the motor is located on the door instead of the back of the opener, this maximizes the power output of the device as a whole.


  • The device is 42.6 pounds in weight
  • The dimensions of the machine are 138*3*1.2 inches
  • The machine is made in Germany
  • Works on AC power source
  • Power consumption is 115 volts
  • Average battery life is 30000 hours
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Best in Technology: This garage door opener boasts of having the best technology in the segment. It is certain to stand the test of time with continuous changes in technology happening all around.
  • Low Maintenance Costs: This device is very cost effective over the long period. Not only is the device very durable which means it does not require constant maintenance, but it also requires servicing very sparingly, which cuts down on the overall costs associated with the machine.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime warranty ensures that whenever in the future the machine starts to falter, the manufacturers take full responsibility and hence you do not need to worry as an owner.
  • Quality Parts and Spare parts: The machine is made in Germany and uses all the most highly rated parts and spare parts. This ensures that the garage door opener will last longer than possible while giving the quality output every time.
  • Direct Drive Technology: Direct drive technology ensures that you do not need to start searching for the remote to open the garage door if you are either taking the car out or moving the car inside the garage. Gate opens and closes automatically.


  • The only con with this device is that some might find it expensive to install.


If you want nothing but the best garage door opener for your home and are ready to shed out a few extra bucks for it, this device is sure not to disappoint. Because it uses the latest technology and the best parts and spare parts, you get value for the money you invest.

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