Top 3 Marantec Garage Door Openers Reviews

For over 30 years of successful operation, the Marantec Company, established in Germany, has been producing excellent garage door opener systems with the main purpose of providing security at home and at other commercial spaces where the units would be beneficial. Being present in more than 30 countries as a manufacturer of reliable and globally competitive door openers, the Marantec mastered the innovation of garage door openers, especially the units that are powered by the DC motor.

When it comes to the DC garage door openers, the Marantec is the only company to look up to because this company is the innovator of the DC motors for the door opener. The Marantec garage door openers are engineered and design in Germany based on the German approach, but these units are built in America using the latest and the most innovative technology available. Because of this, the units are manufactured with different advantages that will definitely benefit millions of residential and commercial space owners.

Among the things that the company addressed accordingly is the quietness of the door opener when in functions. The motor and the chain do not actually create any noise when the door is opening up or closing down. Another thing that the company brags about in all of their products is that it has 1,000 Newton power that makes each unit capable of lifting heavy and large garage doors. There are also plenty of systems and accessories utilized by the company to maintain the units highly competitive and exceptionally functional for the safety and security of the homeowners. From the remote controls, to the coding system, everything was carefully engineered to keep the customers satisfied with the units.

The Marantec Company has a line of impressive products which include different garage door openers for residential and commercial purposes, accessories, transmitters, entry system, access system, Locmatic code, De Luxe Wall Control system, external receiver, and many more. All Marantec units have the 3 buttons to use for the menus. This makes each unit conveniently accessible for the owners, especially with the remote control.

Each unit of the Marantec garage door openers is easy to install and the system utilized for its functions are programmed with comprehensive applications and operations. This only means that any homeowner who will wish to install the unit will not find it difficult to do so. The codes are also programmed in such a way that the user will easily understand. The marantec garage door openers support system is also firm and reliable, giving assurance that there will be assistance whenever requested, and the active warranties are always honored to keep the customers satisfied and happy.

Marantec Synergy 270

Synergy 270 HP DC Motor 7

The Marantec Synergy 270 is actually the first door opener from Marantec that has the LED lighting integration. This garage door opener has the 3/4 HP DC motor. This type of motor is designed for smooth and quiet door movements. This is also responsible for the impressive functions of the door opener, as it lifts up or pulls down the garage doors. The unit is integrated with an LCD display for the program sequence, and the Synergy 270 is designed to keep the sensitivity of the unit in proper functions. Marantec also designed this unit to be compatible for 7’ high garage doors, and its 2 pieces of belt rail fit this size.


The Marantec Synergy 270 has many features that will benefit the homeowners. One is the integration of a 756 Lumens of LED Lighting, which includes the light bulb with a life expectancy of 30,000 hours. It does not attract insects and bugs, making the light clear and bright. It also features the DC motor for its quiet operation, and the Synergy 270 fits well into the area adjacent to the garage. The wall control is illuminated for convenience and safety, while the 2 button for 315 MHZ remote control, with multi bit code technology, offers excellent performance that is interference-free. For the drive system, the belt drive is the best when it comes to engineering and materials. The 2-piece belt rail has the high strength C Channel, and these rails are made from galvanized steel. This system is designed for easy assembly and for a maintenance free operation.

Pros and Cons

The Marantec Synergy-270 unit is very easy to install, and all the systems incorporated in its design are accessible for safety, security, and convenience. The programming is also simple and can be easily followed without the need for complications. With all the features included, this unit is reliable, energy-efficient, and very convenient for home security and safety. One issue I had with this unit was the need for some home improvements just to make the installation of the unit perfectly fit well into the area.

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Marantec Synergy 380

best marantec garage door opener reviews

The Marantec Synergy 380 has a 1.1 HPcs motor with a belt rail drive, and this is perfect for sectional garage doors with a height of 8 feet tall. This door opener also has the LED lighting with a bluish light, that is energy-efficient. With LCD display for the program, 2 marantec garage door opener remote controls with 2 buttons for the radio frequency, a multi-functional wall control station, photo eye safety system, and a lot of features for a belt drive garage door opener, this unit is a bit expensive compared to other brand models.


Aside from the impressive quiet and smooth motor operations, the Synergy 380 has a lot of features, but the most significant ones are its 1.1 HPcs motor that can actually handle and control any kind of garage doors with a height of 8 feet and below. There are also several small remote controls that can be placed in the car for easy access, and the keys for the keyless entry has an illuminated design.

Pros and Cons

What is good about this Marantec Synergy 380 as a door opener is that it has a lot of features. It is easy to install, has a beautiful appearance, and very powerful in lifting the garage door. With the use of the LED lighting system, this unit is also energy efficient, but its bluish light tends to be a little blurred and not clearly bright.

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